Affiliate Disclosure

It is a compensation disclosure that protects you and tells you about the relationship between the products or services displayed on the website and the people who are providing you those services or products. It is the duty of the owner of the website to tell about any relationship between the website and products or services recommended by it. This website makes money by establishing an affiliate relationship with the merchants. What does this mean? It means that if you click on any of the links that are of different merchants given on this website and buy a product then a commission would come to the owner of the website. Some popular affiliations include clickBank, AdSense, Google and Amazon.

The views given here are my own views and they do not match with the views of any other merchant with whom I’m affiliated. I recommend people to buy the products from this website which are already used by me or on which I have done a deep research. Affiliate marketing is a full time job for me and therefore it is important that I should remain true to my presentation. It is a question of my good reputation that I have to provide true information to the other people and recommend them the right product or services on the basis of my own experience.

More and more people are visiting this website every month. There are large number of people who visit this website to get needed help and support. I perform my duty seriously and take all responsibility as an affiliate marketer to recommend the best products and services.

Third-Party & Sponsor Ads
Various text and image ads that are presented on this website are given by third party ad companies such as Google adsense. There is no direct relationship between me and the products that are advertised on this website in different ads. The companies that advertise their products on this website are not affiliated to this website.

If you want to ask any queries related to affiliate marketing for this website, you are welcome to reach me anytime without any hesitation. I will feel greeted to provide any kind of information regarding affiliate marketing on this website. If you want to know about affiliate marketing on this website in details then feel free to reach me anytime. It is my pleasure to give you complete information about affiliate marketing.