Regal Assets Review

While there are many companies that sell precious metals IRAs, few are as respected and venerable as Regal Assets. Regal Assets not only sells the more common gold and silver, but also platinum and palladium. All of these metals are sold in the form of either numismatic, or collector’s coins, bars, or ingots. Regal Assets is noted for have a wide array of products available at all time, even though their overall selection may be slightly more limited than that of some other companies. Since every product listed for sale is easily available, Regal Assets has been able to establish a seven day delivery guarantee. This is the shortest delivery period in the precious metals industry.

One reason that Regal Assets has found itself in a position of such prominence is that they have been in existence quite some time. This has allowed them to develop an efficient and fair commission rate for themselves as well as to train friendly, courteous customer service professionals. One way in which they help their clients to understand what they do is by providing them with a free gold investment kit. This kit contains a good deal of information on the ins and outs of precious metal investments. The kit further explains the nature of a precious metals IRA and how they are meant to protect the investor from inflation and other economic disasters that can affect retirement. The kit even contains a coupon that allows the potential customer to make use of free shipping from Federal Express once they decide to place an order.

Precious metals investment companies are becoming quite numerous, and for this reason, there are a number of websites that rate and review them. In terms of Regal Assets, there is nearly universal praise for their integrity as a company and for their business practices. Many customers and those who have experience with these companies suggest that new investors only use Regal Assets. Many online reviews note that many of the other companies put a lot of pressure on potential buyers, which is not a method conducive to customer loyalty. In contrast, Regal Assets is known for assisting customers in building a solid investment portfolio, which means that investments are safe and that any profits are high. Seth Klarman, the man who founded the Baupost Group, has heaped quite a bit of praise on the account reps at Regal Assets. He remarks favorably on their confidence and ability to respond to questions instantly and with a great deal of knowledge.

Regal Assets is also known for working together with a number of different coins associated with the coin industry. Organizations such as the Professional Coin Grading Service, the Paper Money Guaranty Corporation, the Certified Coin Exchange, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and the Numismatic Conservation Service are all engaged in making certain that precious metals are valued correctly. This is done so that collectors and investors can be certain that they have what they paid for.  Each of these organizations can count Regal Assets as a member and partner.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good source for learning information about precious metals companies. The BBB has granted Regal Assets their highest rating, the coveted A+. This is alongside their granting Regal Assets “Accredited Business” status. This status is an indication that the BBB feels that a company is above reproach and conducts their business in an ethical way. The BBB also keeps track of complaints that are brought against a company. In the case of Regal Assets, there have only been two cases within a three year period. Each of these cases was resolved not only quickly, but in a way satisfying to both parties. Trustlink is another website for review, but in this case, it compiles an aggregate of all customer reviews, which is then turned into a rating. Trustlink reviewers have given Regal Assets a 5 star rating, which is the highest score a company can achieve. This score is based on nearly two hundred reviews over a three year period. Most of the reviewers have given the company the full five stars. Those that have not still heap praise upon the company. Other review sites also provide information about Regal Assets. The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has given them a high, “AAA” rating. has not received a single complaint about Regal Assets in the entire time it has been in existence, which is 15 years. Insider Pages features a number of reviews, but all of these reviews give Regal Assets the highest possible rating. Not only that, but Regal Assets has been given an award; the “Best in Burbank Award in Financial Advisory Services.”

Those who choose to make a more sizable investment (over $10,000) with Regal Assets will find that a number of fees will not be charged. These fees include setup, administration, and storage fees. Moreover, they are not charged for rolling over their 401K. The savings provided by simply waiving the fees means that investors can save several hundred dollars. When rolling over a 401K, it is possible to have Regal Assets provide experts who can make certain that it is done without incurring any penalty taxes. Those who wish to retire have discovered that a good way to keep a kit of emergency cash in a safe place is to convert it into gold. Regal Assets offers a number of packages that make this possible. The packages do not need to be overly expensive as the smallest package is only $2,500. Although there are some investment packages like this that can be selected from a list, most investment packages can be customized for the individual. Those who wish to learn about their options can contact Regal Assets on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., PST. The number is 1-855-637-1153. Those who make an order have two days to process their payment. This payment can take the form of a personal check, a cashier’s check, a money order, or a bank wire. For those who make a sizable investment, the order is delivered in an armored car with armed security guards. Smaller shipments come in a regular package. Those who wish to sell back their orders can do so for spot price. This is a practice only found with Regal Assets.

Although celebrity endorsements are not necessarily the best way to determine a company’s value, Regal Assets does have a number of testimonials from celebrities. These include Alan Thicke, Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, and Jerry Doyle. These testimonials are simple, positive statements unlike many of the doom and gloom statements made by other celebrity spokespersons. Although they had been prominent supporters of Rush Limbaugh, when he made negative comments about college student Sandra Fluke, Regal Assets ended their relationship with his radio show. This is just one example of the company’s commitment to ethics, integrity, and respect that has helped set them apart from many of the other companies out there.

Some potential customers may be concerned about a report from the United Kingdom that alleges that Regal Assets illegally used copyrighted images of coins. The coin mentioned most frequently is the 1963 Elizabeth II gold sovereign. Inquiries to law enforcement officials in Blackpool, where the accuser lives have revealed a blog contained a number of complaints regarding the accuser. This blog is updated periodically.

Compared to the other gold companies out there, we feel that Regal Assets reputation and track record of excellent customer service is a great reason to give them a chance to earn your business.  Contact them or call them at 1-855-637-1153 today.